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Know Your Mortgage!

By Mortgage News

Some of you will be first-time home buyers soon and you may be asking family or close friends where they would suggest you go to discuss your future mortgage needs. Some may refer you to their lender of choice or directly to an Accredited Mortgage Professional (a mortgage broker). Read More

Mortgage Up For Renewal? Call Us First And Save Money!

By Mortgage News

So your mortgage is coming up for renewal soon? This is a great time to get some professional advice and review your current mortgage situation. Most of our clients will call us regularly throughout their term to discuss current rates and trends along with keeping abreast of any new products and features that may be beneficial to them in the future. We absolutely encourage and advise all our clients to keep in touch in order that they keep well informed and also getting themselves prepared for renewal time.

Read More

Looking For A Home? Get Pre-Approved First!

By Mortgage News

Many of our clients that are considering a purchase of a residence in the near future find it beneficial to discuss the various mortgage options available to them and to obtain a pre-approval beforehand. Whether they are first-time homebuyers needing lots of information and advice, or are savvy, more experienced homebuyers just needing the comfort of knowing what their mortgage limitations are, a pre-approval will accomplish that. Read More

Buying A Rental Property And Need A Mortgage?

By Mortgage News

We have helped many of our clients purchase a rental property over the years, and, in some cases, some clients were in a fortunate situation to purchase several rental homes that have not only added net worth to their portfolio (as the mortgages have been paid down) but have also added a nice ongoing net increase to their annual income (great for your retirement years!). So . . .  how easy is it to get financing on a rental  home today? Read More

Tougher Lending Guidelines If You Choose a Variable Rate Mortgage

By Mortgage News

The Bank of Canada has recently announced that they are not looking to raise their key lending rate anytime soon, so this may be very good news for those of you who don’t mind the added risk of a variable rate mortgage rather than securing a locked-in fixed rate mortgage. We currently have lenders offering variable rate mortgages as low as Prime minus 0.50% (that’s 2.50%!) while the best 5 year fixed rate is currently at 3.54%. This is an approx. 1.00% spread in the interest rate! That’s the good news. Read More