Your Mortgage and Investing

Should paying down your mortgage be in your best interest? With today’s low interest rates, there are many other financial strategies for you to consider that may be much more beneficial (contributing to an RRSP, TFSA, etc.) Gerald Goertsen of Canada Loyal Financial will tailor a financial plan to secure your retirement future, including how to manage your current mortgage.


Gerald Goertsen, CFP®, EPC

Senior Executive Director at Canada Loyal Financial

(250) 862–2033

Dually licensed with 15 years experience in financial services.
Fees: No commissions to purchase, sell or switch funds. I use “No Load” funds in order to allow my clients the flexibility they need to make changes without cost. I don’t use DSC (Deferred Sales Charge) or LL(Low Load) as it binds the client. I do my business FEC (Front End Charge) @ 0%. (No Entry or Exit Fees).

Being an Elder Planning Counselor allows me to understand our aging population. I help Seniors plan their retirement, showing them how to minimize taxation, maximize government benefits and save enough to give to charity and leave a legacy.

Specialties: Helping business owners structure their corporate investments to minimize taxation and create wealth.
Help individuals and corporations structure their charitable giving in the most tax efficient manner.
Helping families reduce debts, increase cash-flow, minimize taxation through cutting edge strategies to create wealth.

Independent Broker of Insurance and Investments