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5 year fixed rate now available at 3.69%!!!

It’s great to see these low rates still with us. For how long is anyone’s guess, but the Fed’s are suggesting rate hikes later this year. Let’s hope later than sooner. For those of you considering a variable rate mortgage, we have lenders offering a five year variable rate at Prime minus .40% (1.85%) or a three year variable rate at Prime minus .50% (1.75%). One must keep in mind that when the Prime lending rate goes up in the future, so will these rates go up as well.

Are you still locked in your mortgage for a year or two at higher interest rates? Do you have some other additional high interest debts (ie – credit card, auto loan, etc.)? Are you struggling to make all your payments from month to month? Call me (Ed Kolisnyk) today and let’s discuss the many ways to save you money and increase your monthly cash flow. You can count on my thirty plus years of mortgage lending to go to work for you!