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Interesting Re/Max survey results for first quarter of 2010…

showing luxury homes sales rebounding in Kelowna by 700%! (highest in Canada). We definitely all know that Kelowna and surrounding areas continues to attract buyers from across Canada and world-wide for that matter. In my initial meeting with new clients who are new to our area, I enjoy listening to each of their stories as to why they have chosen to relocate here. For most of them, their move here is work related, whether they are starting  a new career or perhaps being transferred here with the same employer. For others, they chose Kelowna to start a new business venture leaving the comforts of a salaried income behind. Yet others have moved here now that they have finally reached retirement age. In all cases, each and every one of them say they love the area and especially our great weather! They enjoy golfing, skiing, boating, and the abundance of nature trails for leisurely walks. Wow, I can hardly believe it myself, but my family and I have just celebrated our 26th year anniversary of living here in beautiful Kelowna having relocated from Dauphin, Manitoba. I definitely do not miss the mosquitoes nor the 40 below weather in winter!  We never get tired of the scenery here, be it Lake Okanagan, surrounding hillsides, orchards, vineyards, and numerous scenic golf courses.  Also, you don’t need to spend a million dollars to buy a home with a “million dollar” view!

Anyways, if I can be of service to you with any of your mortgage concerns or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to give me (Ed) a call today at 250-808-9000. For out of towners, my toll free line is 1-888-877-3535.