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Need a Mortgage, Insurance, or Investment Advice?

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear from someone calling for advice and frustrated with their bank’s “we care less” attitude. Whether they are a first time home-buyer needing lots of education and guidance, or a concerned single parent requiring financial help and direction with refinancing his or her mortgage, the banks seem to be indifferent to the many challenges our clients face.

The banks are eager to sell you products, like mortgage insurance as an example, that has themselves named as the beneficiary. The mortgage balance is the only amount paid in the event of death, as opposed to term insurance where you name whoever you wish to be the beneficiary. Your beneficiary would be the one to decide what portion, if any, is paid to the mortgage and the amount  needed for living expenses in the event of death.

For this reason, I would strongly suggest contacting a life insurance agent (because banks are not regulated to sell you term insurance) to provide you with a quote for the amount of protection you and your family need. You may be pleasantly surprised on the outcome. If you do not know a life insurance agent and would like more information about life insurance, we recommend you call any one of the friendly agents at Canada Loyal Financial in Kelowna at 250-860-6067 or 250-448-8814 to discuss further.

We understand our clients’ needs. Although we specialize in all types of mortgages from “A to Z”, we know that they need more professional help than just with their mortgage, such as with life insurance, RRSP’s, TFSA’s, estate planning, etc. In order to provide that ongoing assistance to our clients, we are proud to be associated with Canada Loyal Financial, one of the premier financial services organizations in Canada. To accommodate our clients with more services, The Mortgage Centre – BC Direct Mortgages has recently relocated the franchise main office to #207 C – 307 Banks Road, Kelowna BC, nearby Canada Loyal Financial.

Someone asked one day if we are like a bank. We say with great pride that although we are not a bank, in a lot of ways we’re better. We offer you more choices with better mortgage rates and products (not just one lender’s point of view or their own stereotype product), but more importantly, we look at every mortgage situation as if it were our very own (that’s our commitment to you).  Our partners at Canada Loyal Financial also provide expert advice and have numerous products to offer you, but they also have a similar philosophy as ours and a  “you come first” attitude. So if you’re looking for a mortgage, insurance, or investment advice, you’ve come to the right place.