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Picking the Right Mortgage

Let’s say you are looking to purchase your very first home. This is an exciting time yet sometimes stressful as you consider your options of the style of home you wish to purchase, the location, and also the price range. Your realtor will spend as much time as it takes to go over listings, set up appointments, and finally visiting several homes until you decide on the right property. You then negotiate with the seller with the assistance of your realtor for the price you are willing to pay for your new home and hopefully a deal is struck and you have an accepted offer.

The next step for most of us is to arrange a new mortgage on this residence. Here is where so many now make a mistake. They simply go to their own financial institution and accept what they have to offer. They felt their bank was the obvious choice to provide them with the best terms and conditions they were looking for. The truth is there is no one bank (or credit union) that can say they have the best rates in all terms, fixed or variable, or that they have the best products. So why do most of us take so much time to buy yet take so little time to find the best mortgage? This is by far the biggest debt one will incur in their lifetime. Perhaps it is that most just trust their banks or it’s too much work to start phoning other lenders. Well, here is where we can help.

We take your mortgage seriously. We will go over all your available options in choosing the right mortgage for you. The best rates may not necessarily be the best mortgage as I’m sure you spotted a few less expensive homes but chose to avoid them no matter what. Mortgages can sometimes be the same. Our job is to share with you the lenders that can provide everything you are looking for, including great rates, great service, and great products. There is no cost for our services when we are able to deal with traditional “A” lenders.

So why not pick the right mortgage, just like you picked the right home.