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Purchasing or Refinancing? Call your local Kelowna Mortgage Broker!

Are you frustrated with your bank’s lack of interest and knowledge in helping you arrange the best mortgage suitable for your needs? Do you notice how little information they give you and their urgency to just fill in an application in order that they can get you “through the door” as fast as possible?

We hear this from our new clients all the time.  Often they will share their negative bank experiences with a close friend or relative, co-worker, or their financial planner. In most cases, they are encouraged to contact a local Kelowna mortgage broker to help them. At The Mortgage Centre – BC Direct Mortgages, our Kelowna mortgage brokers’ advice to you is free. For all deals approved by an “A” lender (chartered bank, credit union, etc.) there is no broker fee. Normally, a broker fee is charged to a client who requires a non traditional source of lender (ie a private lender or “B” lender) when all the banks have declined the mortgage due to poor credit, debt servicing problems, or any other host of concerns that prohibit an “A” lender to approve your mortgage.

Kelowna mortgage brokers at The Mortgage Centre – BC Direct Mortgages understand your needs and will work closely with you to obtain the lowest rate available in the marketplace, along with securing best terms and conditions suitable to you. We will take the time to listen, provide you with expert advice, and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve for a stress-free experience. By the way, we are local and not a Call Centre or a brokerage firm outside our area. Give Ed, Chris, or Shannon a call to discuss your  own situation today at 250-762-2070. We’re here to help you.